In the world of sameness & ordinary

we offer forever memories

A date to dream of..

You'll relax, dine on charcuterie, and sip the afternoon away in some of the most

 beautiful locations in Malta. 


The Setup

We want your Picnic to be an experience! That's why we've curated the tabletop decor to include flowers, candles and more.

Food & Drink

FOOD: Charcuterie Grazing Board with assorted meats, cheeses, olives, fruit, bread, dips and sweet.

DRINK: One bottle of wine or prosecco (every 2 person) + Soft drink.

Start to finish service

The best part about Luxury Picnic Malta is that we do all the work. All the setup and cleanup is handled by our team. All we ask you to bring is a friend!


 What is Luxury Picnic ?

We handle the design and setup of luxury picnics for you so that you can simply arrive + enjoy. Our picnic spaces are ideal for unique dates, special occasions, birthdays, proposals,  sweetheart tables, wedding photobooth backdrops, bachelorette parties, and more.

We do all the heavy lifting so you get to stumble upon the cozy dining space of your dreams-whether that's at your favorite spot , on a cliff overlooking the sea, on the beach, or in your backyard.

 We  bring the gear, style your event, and do all the cleanup so all you have to do is r e l a x.

          How To Book A Picnic

Step 1: Choose your theme, custom picnic or package

Step 2: Pick a date, Time & Location ( we can help to find the perfect one)

Step 3: Tell us how many guests are in your party

Step 4: Customize your food, drinks, set-ups with Add-Ons

Step 5: Contact Us with all the info

Step 6: We will send a price quote and finalize your details.

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